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Some things can not be undone, can not be erased or forgotten

Some things are written in permanent ink

The stain stays —- smeared though they may be

The mark is there



Remove it, wash it all out

But what once was can never be again

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Wooden Ships

wooden ships float in the air

not in the deep green sea

where they are supposed to be

but high up, all the way up there


stiff sails, some are broken and mangled

gigantic mast holding it all as one

as the wave of clouds are here then gone

between the seaweeds green, they are tangled


wooden ships, I saw them leave

slowly, steadily, they went away

out of the edge into the bay

the fishermen struggled and heaved


they fly away into the sunrise, to the moon and beyond

out across the horizon, its silhouette forms

engulfed by the upcoming storm

rippling its reflection in the pond


wooden ships fly now towards home

rest easy and weigh anchor to port

let it reach the shore, make sure the ropes not all too short

you need not continue to roam

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My Stubonr (stubborn) Pen

my pen does not know how to write.

it keeps spelling words wrongly, ugh….I meant incorrectly

and has a bad taste for grammar, (see what I mean?)

it does not write when I want to,

it just stares blankly at the paper.

“Write something, come on, write something”, I keep teling (telling) it

but no matter what I do, it won’t budge.

and when it finally wants to write,

it…blah bla blobs…writes nonsense, as what you’ve just seen

my pen is crazy, I think it’s possessed

it’s supposed to ooze with idea, yet it’s the reason why I’m having a writer’s block

I have a lot of ideas, but my pen just won’t right….hmmmm, write

I’m not sure if you can call this a poem

I’ll write better once my pen functions properly


stubborn pen!

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Confessions of a Big Fat Liar

It’s so weird to admit the things you normally deny

To in fact tell the whole world about it is a far cry

What would they gain by knowing what has been done?

It really just spoils all the fun

I’ve told them “stories”, there’s not much to know

I tell them what they want to hear and they just go with the flow

No questions asked, they really don’t care

As long as in the surface, it looks all fair

I’ve said too much already, I have to shut my mouth

Wherever this is heading, it’s sure to head down South

Don’t believe everything you see, don’t believe everything you hear

Keep close to your wits for I can be worse than your fears

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A Man’s Requirements

Love me Sweet, with all thou art,
Feeling, thinking, seeing;
Love me in the lightest part,
Love me in full being.

Love me with thine open youth
In its frank surrender;
With the vowing of thy mouth,
With its silence tender.

Love me with thine azure eyes,
Made for earnest grantings;
Taking colour from the skies,
Can Heaven’s truth be wanting?

Love me with their lids, that fall
Snow-like at first meeting;
Love me with thine heart, that all
Neighbours then see beating.

Love me with thine hand stretched out
Freely — open-minded:
Love me with thy loitering foot, —
Hearing one behind it.

Love me with thy voice, that turns
Sudden faint above me;
Love me with thy blush that burns
When I murmur ‘Love me!’

Love me with thy thinking soul,
Break it to love-sighing;
Love me with thy thoughts that roll
On through living — dying.

Love me in thy gorgeous airs,
When the world has crowned thee;
Love me, kneeling at thy prayers,
With the angels round thee.

Love me pure, as muses do,
Up the woodlands shady:
Love me gaily, fast and true,
As a winsome lady.

Through all hopes that keep us brave,
Farther off or nigher,
Love me for the house and grave,
And for something higher.

Thus, if thou wilt prove me, Dear,
Woman’s love no fable,
I will love thee — half a year —
As a man is able.

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Take It Easy

When life gets so stressful, dull and too fast

Take it easy, take time to rest

Breathe slowly, look up to the sky and be amaze of the wonders of the world


When everything is busy, hectic

and you feel like going crazy

Take it easy, have a chocolate and look at the children playing

Every moment is supposed to be enjoyed, not fretted


When you feel like crying or on a verge of breakdown,

Go outside, watch the bees, butterflies and the flowers

Watch the clouds form to various shapes

and take it easy for you can’t do everything


Inhale, exhale —— don’t forget to breathe

Life is a dream so take it easy,

you deserve it

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Tree House

I climb the tree house once more

reminiscing the adventures that happened here before

I’m close to tears as I think about it now

for this afternoon, I take my final bow

I take a deep breath and I close my eyes

this is it, we’ll say our goodbyes

Let’s keep in touch, shall we?

that, we all must agree

I miss you already and I’ll miss you even more

I’m holding back tears but I’ll be crying later, for sure

I climb down the tree house and I leave the adventures behind

I have finally and totally resigned

and accepted the inevitable ——-

however, it is still unbearable

as I say goodbye, farewell, to the tree house

that I once called my own

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She speaks to me, echoes all through the room

whispering as the wind sings


The wolf by the woods gladly looks up

to the heiress of the sky

glittering, shining, radiating with beauty


Her light shines, steady and ever so ready

to peak between the clouds

to give a small amount of light

Her beauty so magical


Forever captivating, forever too far to reach

a distant dream ; unreachable


She speaks to me, in a whisper, through my dreams

ever so lovely

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Fast Forward Fast Lane

I get lost in the fast lane

Caught up in a load of pain

Missed the bus and the train

Everything’s too fast, I’m going insane

Who am I too complain?

But I can’t take it ; it’s far too much for my brain


Everything is way too fast

No time to mingle , no time to relax…it’s not a blast

It’s hard even to look back at the past

People pushing you to look forward as if something’s wrong if you’re last

“Can’t we just slow down a bit?”, that’s what I asked


I want to live my life and enjoy it

I’m going to have fun with every single bit

I won’t care if I’m different and they’ll say I don’t fit

I’m going to get out of here, time to split!

Life in the fast lane is too fast,

time to rest and sit

and just take it nice, slow and easy

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The Swindler

he comes in the dead of night

silent as a cat

footsteps unheard and the next thing you know,

the thief has earned your trust.

he is deceiving,




he steals while you’re awake

while your eyes are wide open

but you don’t even know it.

he pretends to be someone who he is not,

he’s to good  to be true?

that’s because he is.

he’s warm, a smooth talker

all that you want from a man

but he’s eyes hide the danger of trusting such a stranger.

so girl, you better watch your back

and keep your toes

for you’ll never know when he strikes next