The end of my beginning, the start of something new

I tried to start all over ; changed the colors, changed the hue

Skies fall out as clouds fly away

And so many things I wish I could say

Down the drain by the broken and leaking lake

My future dangled so weakly at the stake

I try my best but I keep being pulled back

OH come on! Cut me some slack!

Stars fall off and hit me on my head

Slowly I succumb ; slowly I bled

Things go wrong when everything’s right

No one hears my silent plight

Starting anew but I hurt and cry

Difficulty it brings, oh why, oh why?

Darker the clouds, harder the rain

Still I fight my inside pain

Time is a ticking yes it’s running fast

I cannot change what has been done in the past

Carry me to the vast ocean and sea

To where the path is laid clear for me

Hesitant, knees shaking but I keep my head held high

No regrets, none at all, til the day I die

I keep a sunshine in my pocket just in case

As I start another phase