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The Old Couple

there she was waiting on the white park bench

softly she was singing of happiness and content

her eyes sparkled, reminiscing the years

she was smiling

she was contented


he was trotting and whistling happily

a bag of popcorn in hand

smiling widely and not minding his aching back

he felt like he was nineteen again

and the day could not have been more perfect


under the shade of the oak tree

a gentle breeze swept over

children flying kites, joggers here and there

an ice cream vendor not far off

she met his eyes and he gave a hearty laugh

he sat opposite her and they gazed at each other

he held her hand

like how he always did

all those many years they’ve been together


and there they were

sitting on the white park bench

frozen in time

as I snap a picture from a far