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Bored To Death

You look like you’re having fun

But me? I’m all good and done

It seems you don’t notice though

I rolled my eyes a million times

Yet you don’t notice and still talk about yourself ;

Your self-indulgence is such a crime


You imagine a romantic scene

While I doodle on how big your head has been

You and I just don’t rhyme

I might as well get out of here ; let’s call it a night

Still you seem to have your eyes shut tight

As you don’t seem to notice my struggle


You contemplate on dessert

While I contemplate to try to stay alert

This is just getting nowhere

You say you like my smile ; you’re being too kind

As I haven’t gotten your name in my mind

I should have just ran away

while you weren’t looking


It’s swell of you to come ’round

However, it was a mistake ;

I know how rude that sounds

Honestly, I know you’re just enjoying your ego

Basking under the spotlight through and through

I gotta pack up and leave now

Enjoy dating yourself