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The Nipa Hut

Long way have I gone far away from home

I’ve gone all the way around, in fact the world I’ve combed

Been to so many places, been to so many cities

Been to many streets, roads and alleys

But I still yearn of my little nipa home

I have seen many buildings, tall and small

I’ve been in awe by a majestic mall

Architectures so beautiful

The simplest buildings fall humble

Yet nothing can compare to my little nipa home

I’ve lived in houses wide and narrow

I’ve lived in a house that looks like a burrow

Houses with attics, houses with chimneys

Houses near churches, others near cemeteries

Still I miss my nipa home

The walls are simply made of bamboos

Yet strong and never easily breaks too

The thatched roof where the nipa is

One of the reasons why my home I’ll miss

The warmth and welcoming sense of home

Can’t wait to get back to my nipa home