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Her Ghost

she was pale, her eyes were sullen

she probably have been crying forever

to be stuck in the middle, not able to move on

people have wondered what she was waiting for

her hair is always in complete disarray

always on the inside looking out

unable to move freely she’s trapped

and she haunts the place

for she is unable to leave

bound by something, no one knows

she’s lost, she’s tired, in tears, confused

she only wants to go on, but she can never leave

she walks and the floor boards creek

you hear her cry, unable to console her

she’s unable to rest,

unable to go, to where she needs to be


and so she wails and moans and screams

in the dark, in the dead of the night

she touches you and your hair

stands on end

you look into those dark dead eyes

as she continues to haunt the place