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Kids Are Lucky…They Just Don’t Know It

When I was just a kid, I wasn’t yet an adult

I did not work or worry about money

I played all day whether sunny or rainy

Life was a dream though  I wished to grow old

For I thought grown-ups had more fun

It turns out, kids have the life

To eat, play, watch TV, have fun, sleep

then play some more, almost all day

Yes, you get reprimanded, but you get loads of ice cream

and cake, candies and other pastries

Grown ups just look tired all the time

And grouchy like cave people

When I was a kid, I envied the grown ups for they could stay up

as late as they wished to

Not knowing that they envied my youth and vibrance

When I was a kid, I thought I had the greatest problem,


When I grew up, I realized, it’s a much bigger world

and problems are worse than homeworks

Kids wish to be grown ups yet once grow up,

they wish to be kids again

Isn’t it funny?

Kids are so lucky!

They just don’t see it that way

Not yet