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A Book From Dr. Seuss

I read a book which I thought was funny

It’s a good book to read when the day is sunny

It is about a cat with a very silly hat

Who’s quite curious and loves to chat


He’s quite cheerful and also mischievous

He can be very annoying funny and oh so frivolous!

He can teach you that reading is fun

You’ll enjoy the ABC’s once he’s done 


Th cat also has a friend named Sam

His full name is Sam I am

He’s a persistent lad, I should let you know

He doesn’t easily take the answer “NO”


He’ll let you try green eggs and ham

He might even let you try it with jam

Perhaps a bit of delicious spam

On top of a tree or across a beaver dam


I had a good laugh reading the book

Until my little nephew, away with it he took

I’m sure he’ll love to read such a funny and wonderful book