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One In A Million

Life’s not perfect,

your failures are greater than your achievements

but that’s alright.

What matters is how many times you get up and try again

Even super heroes aren’t perfect,

they too have their weaknesses, struggles and lows

You look at yourself in the mirror

you see an ordinary person.

no matter how ordinary you may seem to yourself,

you’re extraordinary to someone else.

You’re someone’s inspiration,

and they love your uniqueness

Don’t let the haters get you down

there tend to be many of them.

Look instead to those who love you true

the times you got up and kept fighting

you are worth keeping,

worth waiting

truly one in a million

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Because It’s Saturday

Because it’s Saturday I’m taking it slow

I get up late and I leave my bed unmade

There’s no rush as I drag my feet to clamber down the stairs

I cook breakfast as I stretch and yawn

My hair is a mess and I’m still in my pj’s

Turn on my music, listening to the Lazy Song of course

Sip my coffee at the terrace and enjoy the view

While rocking on the rocking chair and foot on the footstool

I’ll enjoy my day and I’ll take things slow

Because it’s Saturday, a day for me to rest

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There’s something about the full moon behind the clouds

something that creeps underneath your skin that gives you such fright

things you hear that go bump, bump, bump in the night

A noise of sort you know not from where it came

you look ’round but see none, you start to get chills

you start to get frightened and fear in your heart is filled

The cold night breeze doesn’t help at all

it only worsens the fear that’s building up inside

you walk faster, increasing your stride

Your heart beats faster as you hear rustling behind you

you turn around but see nothing

the fear of nothing envelopes you

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Most people would love to slim down

I guess, I am pressured at times too

But I know I will never be slim

there’s just so many reasons

There’s cake, ice cream and hot hot bread

there’s chocolate, cream, donuts galore!

cheese puffs, burgers, pizza, and tacos

salads, souffle, fried chicken and steak

lasagna, popcorn, quesadilla, spaghetti!

There’s just so much more

you can’t help but be tempted

How on earth would you be able to

be slim?

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Not When

I know not when this world will end

or when the sky will lose its blue

I know not when the stars won’t twinkle

but I will always love you


I know not when the birds won’t sing

or when the grass will grow no longer

I know not when the earth will stop turning

but my love for you will ever be stronger


I know not when the sun will stop shining

or when the leaves will never fall

I know not when my last breath is

but I’ll be there when you call


So until the end of time

even if words won’t rhyme

I will love you,


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Just Counting

One, two, three, four

I get up and shut the door

Five, six, seven, eight

today I’m not thinking straight

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve

I think I need to clean the shelves

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

should not have too much caffeine

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty

I should stop now before I get to seventy

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I Love Me

I took myself out on a date
and said I’m looking grand,
and when I got my courage up
I asked to hold my hand.

I took me to a restaurant
and then a movie show.
I put my arm around me
in the most secluded row.

I whispered sweetly in my ear
of happiness and bliss,
and then I almost slapped me
when I tried to steal a kiss.

Then afterwards I walked me home
and since I’m so polite
I thanked me for a perfect date
and wished myself goodnight.

There’s just one little problem
and it kind of hurts my pride.
Myself would not invite me in
so now I’m locked outside!

– Kenn Nesbitt

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Time, it stands still when you’re in a hurry

but it moves faster than the speed of light

when you’re with someone special


When you’re taking your break

it goes by so quickly you can’t even feel it

but when you wait in line,

it’s slower than a snail’s pace


Time, can be a gift to those who want to forget

but can be a burden to those who want to stay young

It is as precious as gold

yet often times forgotten


Time, is something you can spend endlessly

but can never be turned back

even if you move back the hands of the clock

So, what will you do with your time?

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I’m Thankful For Yesterday

Yesterday is a day that you can never prepare for

It is a day that can never be erased or removed or deleted

One that you can never go back to

except only in memory

Yesterday was not perfect, as all days are not

Things may not have gone well

But, what else is new?

It may have been a wonderful day

Or the most awful one yet

No matter what it might have been

one thing is for certain

You survived that day and you’ll continue on

The task may seem too much

But look back on your yesterday and see

what you have accomplished; you made it this far

Be glad for you are able to recount your yesterday

as it molds your future

Let yesterday be your constant guide

as you move on for today and tomorrow

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Greeted by the Stars

I came out today for a very early walk and I looked up to the sky

I see the stars up above, twinkling so beautifully

This morning is quite lovely as there are no clouds

to hinder me from seeing the wonderful stars

I count the stars and see one, two, three

all of them looking down at me

I walk a little further with my big Labrador

Pause again for a moment and look up to the sky once more

I look a little closer and then I see

more stars are coming out to greet me

I stand there looking up still amazed by their beauty

and it seems my dog too is in awe

The silence of dawn is serene

I take a deep deep breath and feel the air

I found a spot, where I can sit

and gaze at the stars once more

They all seem so far away yet their greeting reaches me

I feel warm inside despite the cold breeze

So lovely are the stars, wonderful creation of God

and lovely as can be

More and more seem to be coming out now

To bid the world and me, a truly amazing day