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The Moon and The Starless Sky

the moon is out, it shines bright but the stars aren’t out tonight

the starless sky makes the moon look so lonely

yet I can’t help but feel that it’s proud

it has the whole sky, the whole stage, all to itself

all eyes will be upon it

and it’s beauty will be more pronounced

the moon glows, the only source of light for this night

how lovely to be under its magical light

a sense of calm and wonderful bliss showers down upon the world

the moon dances in the sky, its light never waning

its bright yellow-orange light lifts one’s soul

and seems to make the world turn slow

turning the lazy quiet evening more lazy

I gaze upon the moon and it winks back

such a wonderful, wonderful sight

4 thoughts on “The Moon and The Starless Sky

      1. Your welcome! 😀 Thank you for responding. I really did say those exact lines and even took a picture with my BB phone of that moon and sky. I’m an astronomy buff and am always checking out the sky so I noticed the lack of stars and deep blue sky. The moon was also very bright that night I noticed. I really enjoying your poetry and it is the first thing I see when I log in here at WordPress. 😀 I will be reposting more, I hope you don’t mind.
        Margaret R. Pangle


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