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Down the Broken Road

down the broken road i walked

my eyes closed, afraid to see what lies ahead

a bolt of lightning

and the sound of rumbling thunder from afar

my faint heart trembled

and my knees shook


each step i took,

made the ground move

as if to crumble beneath my feet

now fear has enveloped me

consuming my soul


“should i press on?” i asked myself

“perhaps i should turn back”

and then i heard the roaring of a storm

i did not move

stood there frozen, shaking, trembling

afraid…oh! i was afraid


my eyes are still shut, i have not opened them

for what i heard and felt frightened me

to see it with my own eyes

would make me cower in fear


yet, curiosity got the better of me

and my eyes i opened

and what i saw was far more

than what i had imagined

the road that i was walking through,

was full of roses and tulips and gardenia

the grass so green with butterflies flying past me

up ahead was a cherry blossom

the beauty so lovely

i was in awe


there was no storm, no thunder

or lightning

the road was peaceful and the ground full of marbled stones

my troubled heart ceased and i felt at ease

there was nothing to worry

to begin with

i feared what i did not know

that is the lesson i learned

when i walked the broken road