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I am but a blank space, fill me and I can be anything

or even everything

paint or draw or post photographs and your memories

use me to the extent of your potential

mold me, break me, erase your mistakes

and start all over again

write your thoughts and I become the most coveted speech

or your most prized possession

I can also be your downfall if you choose me to be

I can be the art in the gallery, admired by all

or misunderstood by many

your greatest creation or your deepest secret


I can be anything and everything……or nothing at all

do what you want, make use of the space

let your creativity run wild

or hold it back and nothing

many things can happen, it’s up to you to start

and do something

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The Moon and The Starless Sky

the moon is out, it shines bright but the stars aren’t out tonight

the starless sky makes the moon look so lonely

yet I can’t help but feel that it’s proud

it has the whole sky, the whole stage, all to itself

all eyes will be upon it

and it’s beauty will be more pronounced

the moon glows, the only source of light for this night

how lovely to be under its magical light

a sense of calm and wonderful bliss showers down upon the world

the moon dances in the sky, its light never waning

its bright yellow-orange light lifts one’s soul

and seems to make the world turn slow

turning the lazy quiet evening more lazy

I gaze upon the moon and it winks back

such a wonderful, wonderful sight

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Postage Stamp

I do not have you here with me, all that’s left are your thoughts and memory

A piece of stationary with your handwriting

The paper still smells good

The envelope is a bit crumpled but still in tact

It still has the postage stamp from nowhere

A place far away, a place I would never be able to go to

I hold the letter in my hands and read your message over and over again

I cry still, although it’s been so long

The last bit of what’s left of you are in my hands, I can’t imagine it still

I miss you so and all I have left is a postage stamp as

proof of your existence

The other letter is kept in the box, the one I hate the most

The one that tore my life apart, the one that told me of your fate

Still, I reminisce the times we had, no matter how short it was

May you send the letter that I await

With the postage stamp from a place where you and I

can be together once again

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Ang Tabanog (The Kite)

Taas ang lupad sa tabanog

Gitayhop sa kusog nga hangin

Pataas ug pataas

Nagpalayo sa yuta..ang tabanog

Gituboy sa hangin aron layo ug maabtan

Ug aron makab-ot ang ganahan maabtan

Tayhopi, pataas, palayo

Padulong sa langit, nagtan-aw sa yuta

Giduyog, gidapit, gihangad

Ang tabanog milupad

Sa tabang sa hangin ug sa bata

Nga nagbantay aron dili mahisalaag

Ug aron dili masangit

Aron pag abot sa yuta dili mabali

Para sa paglupad napud sa ugma umaabot


Up in the sky, the kite soars high

away from the wicked world

Higher and higher it goes

helped by the srong wind

It soars to the sky

To reach the sky, its goal

and it’s purpose, it’s dream

The kite soars with the help of the mighty wind

and the little child, patiently waiting

Making sure it won’t get stuck

On a tree or a line

So it may fly again….tomorrow

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Over The Moon

Under sheets,
under years and years of
turning leafs and lingering
through broken
heart beats,

under the street lights,
beneath the nights
that stretch on for miles,

after all the after-a-while’s,
after piles of music,
and lyrics,
and ugly hands,

over the distance,
over the past,
over the moon and back

through the silence,
throughout conversation,
through the abuse of the new moons,

in the dives,
diving in to the unknown,
drowning in the bent
and the broken,

above solidity,
up above everything,

away from the mess
away from life,
deep into veins,
into pain,
around towering walls,
around brick after brick,
around heaviness,
through distance,
through time,
through space,
through heartache,

and back again,
here I am

deep under sheets,
over the moon,
in love with you.


I love this poem. Maggie, was the very first person who clicked on the “Follow” button. I didn’t know that existed until I got the notification ;). I didn’t think anyone would follow my posts. She inspired me because of that and continues to do so. She’s a great poet and I love her poems. I’m following her here at WordPress. I recommend you check her page out. You can see the blogs I follow on the right side panel. Her page is listed there. Also, you can click her name to go to her page as well or click this link to check the poem on her page:

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nothing rhymes with orange

porridge can rhyme with carriage or even sausage

but nothing really rhymes with orange

sorry rhymes with worry, story and also glory

yet I can’t find a word that rhymes with orange

stone age? moonage? is that even a word?

what could possibly rhyme with orange?

ages rhymes with cages, stages, pages

or try gauges

still I can’t find what would rhyme with orange

apple can rhyme with grapple, muffle and even subtle

grapes even rhymes with apes and shapes

however, I’m still at a loss for what rhymes with orange

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The Mermaids Serenade

Captivating and alluring, the mystery it holds

Listen to the story as it is being told

The song is being sang, slowly one by one

Hear the words as it is being undone

It will capture you and thrill you

All the lies in the world will become true

But behind the song is something sinister

Weak hearts beware and be warned

One note of it will be your end

Into the deep waters you’ll be sent

So listen to it and listen well,

for it will be the last song that you will hear

It will envelope you all through out

and you will know nothing but fear

With such grace and such beauty, you’ll never know what it hides

The danger it masks deep inside

So listen and listen well

For the end of the song, will be the end of your tale

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the old photo

the picture on the wall is stained

it has aged and is starting to fade

the color is washed out…..almost

the faces are still visible

and you long and yearn for those times

those years have gone by all too quickly

all to suddenly

the wooden frame is starting to waste away

decaying and rotting

moldy and smelly, but the faces are still visible

the memories are remembered, cherished

and will never be forgotten

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They Are But Numbers

Life is not a race although life is not a piece of cake

or a cup of coffee that you can stir and everything falls into place

Life is not limited to time or what you accomplish

They are but numbers written on the walls

of those who are pessimistic

of those who are afraid

And those who surrendered

Do not fathom just your failures but include your success

Your strength, talents and good deeds

Medals, trophies and plaques do not make you

for there are things in this world that cannot be measured

Those things are but numbers written in the sand

by those who lost hope

are at a loss

of those who want to drag you under

Keep your head afloat for what matters most

is not counted

And numbers are just that….numbers

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When You Think Of Me

When you think of me, I hope you think of sunshine

Of rain on a land on drought

Or of the stars to light your dark night sky


When you think of me, I hope you remember your happiest moments

Your unforgettable experiences

And the dreams that you want to reach


When you think of me, I hope you think of your favorite food

Your favorite color, shirt, movie, cartoon

Sum up all your favorites and it will equal to one word…


When you think of me, I hope you remember the girl in college

The one you rarely noticed

The one who felt strongly for you


When you think of me, if you could even remember me

If by chance I cross your mind

I hope you remember my name, my face

and I hope you think of me often, until