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The Tulip and the Gardener

And so the tulip sat there, alone in the pot

He felt so lonely, a friend he was without

He wanted to go to the fields, were the other flowers lay

Dancing to the rhythm of the wind, they sway


The gardener, who loved the tulip, saw his sadness

So he asked the tulip, what would bring him gladness

“To be where the many are. To sway amongst the crowd…

To belong with the others…that will surely make me proud”


The gardener, did not want to let the tulip go

But he loved it dearly, he was willing to do so

The gardener removed the tulip from the pot

Placed him on a very wonderful spot


“You can always come back, whenever you want”, the gardener said

The tulip just bounced happily while the gardener, a tear he shed

“This is the life!”, the tulip yelled

He breathed in deep, the air he smelled


He swayed like the others, he played in the rain

He rolled on the field, he fell in love with the plain

The tulip did what the other flowers did

Even if it was something the gardener forbid


The tulip blended in, no longer standing out

For now he was scared, to stick out

He followed the norm and became afraid to be unique

He stayed mum, afraid to speak


He now had friends and everyone else, yet he was feeling alone

Something was missing, he was not sure; so he sat atop a stone

When he was alone, inside the pot, he grew

Now outside, more free, he wilted; then he knew


The gardener’s care and love, made him beautiful

His gentle hands,made him courageous, not doubtful

But the tulip left, he was not faithful

He knew he made the gardener sorrowful


He called to him, “Master, Oh master! I have learned my lesson

I can not live without you, out here, I feel like I’m in a dungeon..”

“Forgive me and take me back, please

I’m down on my bended knees”


The gardener smiled, happy to bring the tulip back

He carried him gently and followed the winding track

The tulip was back to his pot, he smiled

This was home and he was the gardener’s child


The tulip was happier than ever before

He was contended, he will leave the pot no more

He realized, he was never alone after all

This, he was happy to know; so on the pot, he stood tall