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Put Into Words

I tried to come up with the best words possible

I thought hard, but the words that came were terrible

I tried to muster and add up everything

I only ended up with my head aching

I looked up, stared at the ceiling

My mind is not like what it used to be, truly, I’m ageing

How can I express what I want to say?

When my mind is like a train that’s ran away?

Words racing through but not making sense

I have to arrange this, work out at least a sentence

Everything it seems is jumbled

I have papers littered around, all crumpled

My head is shutting down, I should get some coffee

Maybe include a bit of cookie

I’ll try to work this out after a quick break

By then I’d be wide awake

I should be able to get my head straight

And then back to writing, I’ll concentrate

I should be able to put my thoughts to words

Or else again, I’ll be looking upwards