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She was there for a moment a speck in the microscope

She came for a moment and left unnoticed……to the world

But I felt the silence and the emptiness


He was here for a moment and touched many lives

He came and shared his moment but away he went

I’m left with a hole in my heart


She loved me, I know, I felt it

Her warmth I felt as she slowly wilted

She drifted away, although that was not what she wanted


He was tough but was a softy with me

He smiled and I was at home

He let go because he could not hold on, it was time


I cry and I look around

He’s not there and she’s not here

Time passes and I know…..I know

They’re both waiting and will welcome me


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Forever Young, I Don’t Want To be

The wrinkles on my face prove the beauty of my age
The lines on my face shows the beauty I have seen
and what I have encountered
My white hair shows the intelligence I’ve gain
how I became a sage
My memory is a bit faulty….there’s just so many things
I’ve learned, known and gained
My creaking bones stand witness
to the trials I’ve overcome 
the hurdles and problems I’ve juggled
My age is my trophy, it’s proof of the life I’ve lived
I look forward to growing old
And one day I will look back, regretting nothing
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Insomnia Me Please

Coffee days and cola nights; caffeine is so addictive

Tired, weary, sleepy eyes; unable to fall asleep

Sweet dreams, lovely ones end abruptly

Close your eyes go to dreamland; alas! it’s not meant to be

Mind wonders at blinding speed

Never ending ideas race through

Go to sleep, go to dreamland; rest easy, rest now

Pop corn nights or pop up books; anything goes

But still sleep is deprived

The Sandman visits yet nothing works

 Heavy eyes, tired eyes…..

Unable to find sleep

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Please and Thank You

The world is not like what it was

Everything is moving too fast

People are very busy

I think most will agree

We try to act like great actors

But most of us have forgotten our manners


A simple please for a request

And a warm hello to remove the stress

A heartfelt welcome for a sincere thank you

It’ll surely remove the blues


Parents, teach your children well

Because other people can tell

A child with good manners

Was taught well by the mother and father

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A Late Walk

When I go up through the mowing field,

The headless aftermath,

Smooth-laid like thatch with the heavy dew,

Half closes the garden path.

And when I come to the garden ground,

The whir of sober birds

Up from the tangle of withered weeds

Is sadder than any words

A tree beside the wall stands bare,

But a leaf that lingered brown,

Disturbed, I doubt not, by my thought,

Comes softly rattling down.

I end not far from my going forth

By picking the faded blue

Of the last remaining aster flower

To carry again to you.

– Robert Frost
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Broomstick for Love

A broomstick for love, a cup for a secret

It’s like a whisper in the air, filtered with tulips

A broomstick for love, a straw hat for respect

A weird and wonderful combination

Though it does not make sense


A broomstick for love, a pinch of silence

It seems a masterpiece for disaster

A broomstick for love and a hint of smile

Brings rainbows all around

They pale in comparison


A broomstick for love like salt and pepper

It’s like black and white, goes hand in hand

A broomstick for love longing to be known

Hidden in secret waiting for its time

Covered by the shadow


A broomstick for love, a penny for luck

A feeling so magical and everlasting

A broomstick for love is nonexistent

It’s like a witch in love with a prince

A love never to be? or perhaps….


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The Wonder of the World

There’s something about the water, there’s something about the sea

There’s something about nature that brings me glee

 There’s something about the warm breeze, there’s something about the sunlight

There’s something about the fresh air that makes everything right

There’s something about the birds singing

and how the trees are swaying

 Or how the rain drops to kiss the Earth

and the sound of life at birth

There’s something about the clouds, there’s something about the twinkling stars

There’s something about the crickets, and the music of a guitar

Every little bit is a wonder, and everyday I am amazed

The beauty of the world often goes unnoticed when it should be praised

So here’s to our world, the most wonderful one we could live in

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The Great Unknown

in death i become whole

where in life i was in pieces

broken and unrepairable

contorted with dismay

holding out a hand for shelter

lost in the unforgiving sea 

never to be recovered

but i become whole


in silence i am heard

i shut my mouth, i’m mum

the more i am heard

past the hurting, past the shadows

i become something more 

i shut my eyes

i see the light

and yet i am still heard…and seen


in life i’m broken

where in death i’m whole

i don’t understand why

it’s just the way it is