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The Lonely Turtle

There was once a turtle

who was lonely as can be

try as he might to make friends,

he never knew what to say

so he just sat under the banyan tree

He wanted to join them

oh how much he wanted to play

he wanted to run, skip and jump

and have fun

but still under the banyan tree he stays

“Hello”, a voice unfamiliar came

“why don’t you come and join us?

it would be more fun to have you around

you’ll enjoy our game

if you come and join, it would be a plus”

The lonely turtle stared,

at the smiling cat who came

she extended her hand to him

he reached out his hand

gone was his shame

He thought he would not be welcomed

he thought he’d be laughed at

but they welcomed him

with such open arms

even the lizard with a fancy hat

And finally, lonely no more was the turtle

he found friends and he felt he belonged

he smiled and found joy at last

And the banyan tree,

his favorite place to stay

was now the place to be

(For all the little children…..and those who just refuse to grow up)