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Lay Me To Rest

I close my eyes, forever it will be

I shall not see you cry 

as I go my way 

I float into everlasting 

you don’t have to be so sad 

as you lay me down to rest 

The time I had has been spent, no more tomorrow

I lived and became part of the world

and so know I must go 

the life I lived was great

I hope I was able to make a difference 

where I will go, I do not know 

As you lay me down to rest

to sleep, the most peaceful sleep of forever

I recall the times we spent

and the days the were together

I grow fond of those moments

even the ones that made me cry 

for it was then that I learned 

I now slowly drift away

your voice inaudible

I slowly slip away, further and further

 I feel so light, I can hardly keep my feet on the ground

I see a blank space

no one is around

I’m going now to a different place 

of that which I do not know

all I know is that this place is

where I shall be at peace