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But My Love Is All I Have To Give

I don’t know what to give to you

You’ve done everything for me, for us

You’ve got the hardest job in the world

You work twenty-four seven and not a day off

You’ve sacrificed so many things

And your hard work sometimes goes unnoticed

We mumble a thanks, and at times a kiss

 But you deserve more….so much more than that

All the riches in the world could never pay for what you’ve done

I will never be as I am now, If it wasn’t for you

I’m sorry if I have been a pain

I’m sorry if I don’t listen always, as you listen to me all the time

I’m sorry if I never said “I Love You” as often

But know that you’ll always have

A big place in my heart

I don’t know what to give to you

As I know nothing can compare what you’ve done

I write this with all sincerity


To my mom, Lucila R. Francisco