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Childhood Memories

Where do I start? What would be the best part?

 When I was young……ger, The days seemed to be long……ger

My day would start with a  greeting, The way my mom would say “good morning”

“Good morning pretty little rose bud!”, she would say

“Good morning pretty little mama”, to complete the day

With two older brothers to love you and tease you

Your day will never ever be blue

Play with a doll? not nearly as much

My brothers would play basketball, boy’s stuff and such

My friend’s before boys were they all, I was such a tomboy after all

The little sister to everyone, The little annoying girl since time began

Oh! I played marbles, shoot some hoops and wanted to be a boy

Being the only girl in the family, Mother did not want a tomboy

I played with toy guns and enjoy the NBA

I’m nuts for basketball and cheer for my team all the way

I climbed a tree, And scraped a knee

But that has never stopped me

I ran like crazy and pretended to be an adventurer

I dug the dirt and was a scavenger

I enjoyed my childhood, ‘Twas a happy chapter

Filled with fun and extreme laughter

Would love to do it all over again

And I’d keep everything the same