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Peter (Neverland part 2)

He was my hero
He always saved the day
I wished he was my beau
But all was just a play
He didn’t feel like growing up
While I continue to fall for him
He held my hand as we flew up
We made a really great team
I see the man behind the boy
If only he would stop with these games
He just smiles and always play coy
Pretending it’s all so lame
I want to be his Wendy
The one to sweep him off his feet
If only he would let me
I’d take on a thousand fleet
 I’d fight Hook with him, side by side
 After which we’d fly away
Relax after the battle, feeling tired
Enjoy the rest of the day
He chose to stay, afraid of getting old
As a child, a boy, he’s carefree
Doesn’t want to be told
Nothing at all to worry
A decision I must make
A risk I’m willing to take
Should I stay or should I go?
Peter tell me, ’cause I’d like to know