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The Ghosts of the Buffaloes

Last night at black midnight I woke with a cry,

The windows were shaking, there was thunder on high,

The floor was a-tremble, the door was a-jar,

 White fires, crimson fires, shone from afar.

I rushed to the door yard. The city was gone.

My home was a hut without orchard or lawn.

It was mud-smear and logs near a whispering stream,

Nothing else built by man could I see in my dream… Then…

Ghost-kings came headlong, row upon row,

Gods of the Indians, torches aglow.

They mounted the bear and the elk and the deer,

And eagles gigantic, aged and sere,

They rode long-horn cattle, they cried “A-la-la.”

They lifted the knife, the bow, and the spear,

They lifted ghost-torches from dead fires below,

The midnight made grand with the cry “A-la-la.”

The midnight made grand with a red-god charge,

A red-god show, A red-god show, “A-la-la, a-la-la, a-la-la, a-la-la.”

With bodies like bronze, and terrible eyes

 Came the rank and the file, with catamount cries,

 Gibbering, yipping, with hollow-skull clacks,

Riding white bronchos with skeleton backs,

Scalp-hunters, beaded and spangled and bad,

Naked and lustful and foaming and mad,

Flashing primeval demoniac scorn,

Blood-thirst and pomp amid darkness reborn,

Power and glory that sleep in the grass

While the winds and the snows and the great rains pass.

They crossed the gray river, thousands abreast,

They rode in infinite lines to the west,

Tide upon tide of strange fury and foam,

Spirits and wraiths, the blue was their home,

The sky was their goal where the star-flags are furled,

And on past those far golden splendors they whirled.

They burned to dim meteors, lost in the deep.

And I turned in dazed wonder, thinking of sleep.

And the wind crept by Alone, unkempt, unsatisfied,

The wind cried and cried —

Muttered of massacres long past,

Buffaloes in shambles vast…

An owl said: “Hark, what is a-wing?”

I heard a cricket carolling,

I heard a cricket carolling,

I heard a cricket carolling.


Snuffing the lightning that crashed from on high

Rose royal old buffaloes, row upon row.

The lords of the prairie came galloping by.

 And I cried in my heart “A-la-la, a-la-la,

A red-god show, A red-god show,

A-la-la, a-la-la, a-la-la, a-la-la.”

Buffaloes, buffaloes, thousands abreast, A

 scourge and amazement, they swept to the west.

With black bobbing noses, with red rolling tongues,

 Coughing forth steam from their leather-wrapped lungs,

 Cows with their calves, bulls big and vain,

Goring the laggards, shaking the mane,

Stamping flint feet, flashing moon eyes,

Pompous and owlish, shaggy and wise.

Like sea-cliffs and caves resounded their ranks

With shoulders like waves, and undulant flanks.

Tide upon tide of strange fury and foam,

Spirits and wraiths, the blue was their home,

The sky was their goal where the star-flags are furled,

And on past those far golden splendors they whirled.

They burned to dim meteors, lost in the deep,

And I turned in dazed wonder, thinking of sleep.

I heard a cricket’s cymbals play, A scarecrow lightly flapped his rags,

And a pan that hung by his shoulder rang, Rattled and thumped in a listless way,

And now the wind in the chimney sang, The wind in the chimney,

 The wind in the chimney, The wind in the chimney, Seemed to say:

 — “Dream, boy, dream, If you anywise can. To dream is the work Of beast or man.

Life is the west-going dream-storm’s breath, Life is a dream, the sigh of the skies,

The breath of the stars, that nod on their pillows With their golden hair mussed over their eyes.”

 The locust played on his musical wing, Sang to his mate of love’s delight.

I heard the whippoorwill’s soft fret.

 I heard a cricket carolling,

I heard a cricket carolling,

 I heard a cricket say: “Good-night, good-night, Good-night, good-night,…good-night.”

– Vachel Lindsay

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The 29th

Twenty-nine years of marriage,

Twenty-nine years of fun

Twenty-nine years of laughter,

Twenty-nine years and we’re not yet done

Twenty-nine years we shared together,

Twenty -nine years we’ve been through all

Twenty-nine years we experienced trials,

Twenty-nine years we still stand tall

Twenty-nine years, it wasn’t perfect

But regrets, that I have none

After twenty-nine years the chldren have grown,

The memories of their childhood will never be gone

Twenty-nine years it rained and it shined,

We were young then but now, not so

I’m glad we’re stll here after all the storm,

And I know we will always be for twenty-nine years more.

To my parents who celebrate their 29th anniversary on the 29th of April 2012.

-Isis (maria michaela)

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Chocolate, so yummy so delectable

So wonderful to the taste buds

Bitter dark and wonderful white

How about with raisins and nuts?

Chocolate, I crave to eat

Comfort food or dessert, it really doesn’t matter

It sets off a sensation, so wonderful

I’d like to have some more, please

Chocolate, chocolate, so delicious to eat

Won’t you share some today?

Chocolate, chocolate, won’t you tell me

Are you hungry yet?

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 Laughter is the best medicine
All you need to start and end your day right
Under a weary sky, this will get you through
Good for the heart, good for the soul
Heals the burdened and the scarred
Tickles you silly until your stomach hurts, so
Enjoy yourself, take time to rest
Rest easy and laugh your heart out
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…He Who Is…

He’s the one that makes my day……

                    ……Yet, he’s also the one that ruins it……

He knows when to make me smile……

                    ……And keeps quite when I make a fit……

He used to tease me and make me cry……

                    ……Not a day goes by without it, it’s his routine……

Like clockwork, like sunrise or sunset……

                     ……It completes his day, it would seem……

He taught me how to be strong……

                    ……To not cry or be bullied, to fight back……

To never back down on a fight……

                    ……So long as it’s right, and courage I should not lack……

He influenced me through music……

                    ……To alternatives and classics……

He taught me to play the guitar……

                    ……And fall in love with acoustics……

He’s the shoulder I can lean upon……

                    ……My bridge over troubled water……

He’s the man, second in command……

                    ……To my dad, he’s no other than my brother.

I dedicate this to my two older brothers whose respect I have is great. – MARIA MICHAELA

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When you see a person weep, how do you feel?
Do you feel sorry or bitter?
Do feel anger or sadness?
When you see a person weep, what comes to mind?
Is it a heartache you once had?
Or the time you buried a loved one?
When you see someone weep, what do you do?
Do you wrap that person around your arms?
Or do you give them a glass of water to drink?
When you weep, what is the reason?
Is it because your trouble seems to much?
Is it  because you feel alone?
We laugh, we sing, we dance……we weep
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There’s no sense in trying, we’re worlds apart

He is there while I’m here, another face in the crowd

I’ve dreamt of him, he stole my heart

A dark cloud follows me and has been my shroud

He sings his songs, I sing along

To a melody that I think is for me

But I know deep inside, it won’t be long

Until this dream ends and all I’ll see; is he who is on TV 

I’m smitten as I continue to daydream

Of him who will never know

The great love I have, the adventures I schemed

My feelings for him I will never show

Now his name is such, as such it is

A sound so lovely to hear

A name someday I’ll miss

But will not shed a tear

Although one look at him, I find my bliss

I dream again of holding him near

And I imagine a magical kiss

Broken by reality, I fear

For he is there and I am here

Just another ordinary girl, a fan

He’ll continue to sing the song I love so dear

And he will never know, of the girl who loved him so


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Laugh, and the world laughs with you;

Weep, and you weep alone.

For the sad old earth must borrow it’s mirth,

But has trouble enough of its own.

Sing, and the hills will answer;

Sigh, it is lost on the air.

The echoes bound to a joyful sound,

But shrink from voicing care.

Rejoice, and men will seek you;

Grieve, and they turn and go.

They want full measure of all your pleasure,

But they do not need your woe.

Be glad, and your friends are many;

Be sad, and you lose them all.

 There are none to decline your nectared wine,

But alone you must drink life’s gall.

Feast, and your halls are crowded;

Fast, and the world goes by.

Succeed and give, and it helps you live,

But no man can help you die.

There is room in the halls of pleasure

For a long and lordly train,

 But one by one we must all file on

Through the narrow aisles of pain.      

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

So, here’s the plan. Every Monday, I’ll post my favorite poems. This is so I can keep track of things and not just post favorites and originals at random. Since, it’s Monday….here’s one of my favorites. I love this poem. We performed this during a speech choir competition back when I was in fifth grade. We won the competition by the way. I’m just saying ^_^

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Sunday Special

Nothing like waking up to a mildly cold weather

The rain has just stopped, everyone is still asleep

Stretch those slowly aging bones

Greet the day with a smile

Today I feel like being lazy

Maybe even pull some Bruno Mars song

I might watch a movie through DVD or HBO

Maybe buy some chips, anything can happen

Karaoke is also on the list,

A bit of dancing perhaps, let's do the Twist!

If the weather will get too hot

Summer in the Philippines can be tough

I'll probably fix a shake

Or go to the mall and eat Halo-Halo

Today's my day, today is special

Anything can happen....anything at all

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Will I Be Too Old For You?

You look at me like I’m the only one you’ll ever love

I tell you’re more beautiful than the stars above

We each make a promise to keep

To hold together and love each other deep

But will you love me when my hair is gray?

By my side will you always stay?

Will you not grow tired of me?

Or will a broken heart I see?

If I have wrinkles on my face

In your heart will I still have a place?

My love, I won’t be young forever

I could become old all too much quicker


When I’m seventy-nine, will I be too old for you?

Will you still care and love me true?

You look at me now with glittering eyes

Will I be seeing those as my morning surprise?

If my back aches and I walk slow

If my teeth are crooked and my skin no longer a glow

Will you still be as sweet somehow?

Knowing I won’t be as healthy as now?

I pray, that as we grow old together

Our love will be stronger than ever

And if you ask me, “Am I too old for you?”

Remember, there’s no such thing because I love you