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Caught Up

The end of September

Just a month to go

Before we go full cycle

Before we started it all


Almost a year

Can’t believe it’s been that long

I have to let go now

I have to go on


Torn apart by friendship and love

Could not have both

So a choice has to be done

I know I haven’t won


Let me hold you one more time

Let me see you smile like you did before

Let it be the last time

Let’s get back to being the kind of friend we were

Though I know with these scars,

It never will be again


Hold your horses little man, I’m not done with you yet

There’s a lot you have to do still I bet

You’ve finished cleaning your room, well that’s swell

But there’s still that matter with your shoes

Oh that smell!

You’ve been mean to your sister

So see here mister

Your grounded for three whole months

No use trying to get your way with that pout

I’m Telling

I’m telling mom you’re being mean

I’m telling her you’ve been plotting schemes

I’m telling about what you’ve done to the dog

I’m telling her you’ve been keeping a frog

I’m sure she’d like to see your messy room

If I were you, I’d go get the broom


I’m telling her you haven’t cleaned your shoes

I’m telling her you drank all the juice

I’ll tell her about you shaving our neighbor’s cat

Oh! I’m sure she’d love to see what happened to daddy’s hat

I’ll tell her all about this and more

Unless you help me do my chores


What he says is different

How he acts is totally cold-hearted

He leaves you hanging

Makes you dizzy

At the same time keeps your head straight

Oh he doesn’t say much

But when he does,

He says, “she’s my special friend”

And I melt to pieces

All My Secrets

If I tell you in a whisper

If I say the words slow

If I say it all at once

I know you’ll keep them locked

You have my trust

I know you will

You will keep it all



For no reason

For whatever reason

For any reason

And for every reason

At any time

Of any day

Or any hour

Until such time

There is nothing more to cry about

Backwards Time Machine

Oh the young ones

They can’t wait to grow up

But I was not among those who wished to grow

Peter Pan was my hero

Oh how I wished he’d whisk me away

“Off to Neverland!”, I used to say


But gone are those days

Do I wish to be young again?


I wish to be a child

To be innocent

To play and enjoy

To live life the way it is supposed to be

Keep Moving

Hold me high

Or leave me hanging

Where I’ll be

I guess I’ll have to keep moving

Neither Roads

Oh to love and be loved!

Isn’t that grand!

And here I am now, at a cross roads

Neither roads are meant to be

Yet a choice is needed still

Until such time, both roads will disappear


See one continues to sweep me off my feet

But the other, makes my heart skip a beat effortlessly

I tread this path I know I shouldn’t

Because I know all too well

That neither roads

Can bring any luck

Among The Stars I Am

I sat there alone watching the stars

Marvelous creations that wink at me

Up above so far from my reach

It saddens me

But the beauty that they have is wonderful

I can’t let it go

I am in love with them


People pity me for I sit there alone

But they can’t see

I have stars for companions


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Adrian Mitchell Poetry

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Making it all up as I go.

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