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A Movie

I wept hard and felt the words

But it was just a movie


I was moved and felt it all

But it was just a movie


I told myself not to cry

But I wept hard

As if I were the character there

Though it was just a movie


The words spoken seeped through my heart

They were real and true

Even though it was a just a movie


I guess after all

It may not have been just a movie


I don’t like to dress up

I hate to act like such a girl

Yet you

Yes you

Make me want to doll up


To wear a little make-up

To walk more feminine

To look more like a lady


One thing is sure though

You certainly make me feel more like a girl

Than any lipstick ever could

You, I Crush

Him I love

Him I adore

Him I long for

But you, I crush on


Him I dream of

Him I get jealous of

Him that has my heart

Yet you, I crush on


Him I want

Him I still hope for

Him who’s my happiness

Still you, I crush on


You who make me smile

A smile that is true

You who truly care

And I feel it too

You who I want to see now and everyday

You who always look for me

What else can I say?


I may haven’t fully moved on

But one thing is for certain

It’s you who I have a crush on

You Get Jealous

Tell me you get jealous

Even just a little

Tell me that you’re wondering

Why he holds my smile now

And not you

Let me know there was that feeling

And there is

Show just a little hint

To give a little hope

A glint in your eyes


So show me you get jealous

Too, like I am jealous when I know you’re with her

Beauty And Magic

The evening sun boasts its beauty

I hide in shame

I feel so lame


The stars are out and are having fun

Dawn will be joining in


I peek outside my window

I am still, in awe of the beauty of the world

He isn’t tall or well-built

We are of same height

Looking at him, I’m filled with guilt

For I keep hidden my true feelings for him


A friendship it was

One I did not expect to happen

Far more I did not expect to fall

He is the first I have fallen for

Really fallen for


I really don’t know why

But I have stopped asking myself

All I know is the butterflies they talk about in books and movies

I only experienced with him


What makes him special among the rest, you ask?

Simple really

He is the one I have fallen in love with

All of a sudden a “hi”

The next thing you know, a conversation

To say it’s over is far from over

One bends to save a friendship almost lost


I don’t care about tomorrow because

He made me smile today

So unexpectedly

If I had known I was a mere passerby

I should not have over-stayed

I believed we could be great friends

And we did for a while

A taste of our little infinity

Just like in the book


At least I got a chance

A very little peek

The one that broke my heart

And how I fell apart

The memory will always be there

As I slowly move on

I’ll wait for my time to come

And I will give to him

Whatever is left of me

Because I can never be whole again

Feel Good

Cold morning

Stay in bed

Lazy day just doing nothing

Sleep all day be a couch potato

Today I’ll take it easy

The break I so deserve

A do not disturb sign

As I cuddle myself in bed

Oh! It feels so good

Wonderful Day Indeed

Wake up to the smell of coffee

Smile from ear to ear

Delighted and wonderfully happy

To be greeted by an amazing day is something to hold dear

Warm greetings indeed


Life in words

Adrian Mitchell Poetry

Painting thougths with words onto moving canvas


Making it all up as I go.

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