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How Do I Unlove Thee?

How do I unlove thee?

Let me count the ways


I can bury myself deep

Under the ground I’ll be

‘Til my dying day

But I know that can never be


I can run all the way to the moon

He’d ask me why I haven’t been there soon

But being there would only make me long for you


Maybe I can live

At the bottom of the ocean

That would drown my longing

Or make it worse


I can try and think of more ways

But I know what is certain

I can never unlove thee

Lonely Mr. Moon

I keep wondering

I keep thinking

How is it one so beautiful and loved by many

Be ever so lonely?


You sit there looking down

While people look up at you in awe

Still you long for company

No one and nothing seems to fill it

Is that why there are times you leave the sky?


Do you hide the hurt away?

Are you crying in secret?

I’d love to talk to you sometime

Your Joy

I want to see the sunshine again

I want to see the light on your face

I want to make you feel alright

Make each of your days bright

Your joy is mine

And I want nothing else but that


Out There

Out there where the darkness does not equate loneliness

Where the universe is at your fingertips

It’s where I want to be

With the moon and the stars

Where the cosmos and the galaxy unite

Out there

To be there

I Thought I Loved You

I thought I loved you but I never did

There is a thin line between emotions

I thought I cared for you but it was a lie

A game of chance, an alibi

I thought you were the one

I’ve placed a lot in your shoulders

But I was wrong, I was mistaken

For I thought I moved on

But still my heart is broken


Hal Was Lucky

She’s pretty

Because she’s skinny

She’s pretty, but

That’s what they say when she’s fat

People judge you

Social media dictates it

And we all fall into the trap


He’s handsome

Because he’s well-built

He’s handsome, but

That belly is too much for my taste


But a person is beautiful not because they are physically

They are beautiful because of how they treat people

If only we could see inner beauty first

Then all the drama of being a size zero would go away

Shallow Hal was given a gift

He was lucky enough to learn from it


You are beautiful

In every shape or size

Don’t let others tell you otherwise

Hugs And Goodbyes

There are people who come to your life

They leave a certain mark

You either breathe harder or a lot easier

Sometimes a little bit of both

You feel their presence and look for it often

You become one so you feel a missing part

When they leave or when you temporarily part

You feel their love with every hug

And when the moment of goodbye happens

You just know everything will be alright

First Kiss, I Wonder

Who will be my first kiss?

I often wonder

What will he look like?

Who will it be?

I wonder how it would feel

First kiss, they’ve  had it

I’d like to give it a try


The Joy Of Nothing

When you have one thing

You’d want another

When you have another

You’d want more

And more

And more

And even more

Then you’ll end up with nothing

And when you have nothing

Having little is enough


I’m the one who’s always on the other side of town

Never the one chased

Always the one chasing

I’ve been feeling pathetic lately

I feel sorry for myself

I try to pick myself up

And I know, I know better

I can be happy in my own

But why do I feel so empty?

I feel I don’t belong

I wonder where I will be

Sometimes I just want to be alone

Because solitude is my best friend

It always has

And always will be


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