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Paper Thin

I don’t see myself that way

And I refuse to do so

To undermine myself

To hate myself

To think that won’t be lovable unless

Or I’d only be accepted until

To kill myself slowly

Just to be a size zero

I can’t

I won’t

And I refuse to be pushed to do so

To think so

I looked at myself in the mirror

And said,

I’m pretty

I’m strong

I’m confident

I’m fine the way I am

No need to be a size two

Don’t want to conform with what society demands

I’m fine the way I am

That’s what I see

When I looked at myself in the mirror


What are we?

I used to ask

But then I realized I’ve always known

I am and will always be your friend

I thought it was only I

Who felt the bond, the closeness

Now, I know it’s more than mutual


To be labeled as your special friend

Is something I will always treasure

Though I hoped we could be more

Still this gives me closure

I will be the friend who you can always count on

Know I’ll always be

Here for you, always

Good MorNight

I love nights as much as mornings

I feel pleasantly at ease with both

I’m the kind they call a loner

Yet I not alone


See, I date the stars and run off

With the shooting stars and comets

I’m greeted every morning with a warm hug from the sun

The butterflies, we chat often about their beautiful day

And all this things I look forward to

Each night and day


I smile each morning

And comforted each night

Just things that keep me going

Oh what a wondrous sight!

Confused Confusion

You confuse me

As you confuse yourself

But I have come to realize

That you need time

The time you asked

I waited but you didn’t

And I kept myself far

Now you made things more complicated

Than it already is

But your confusion is my clarity


If one day you finally decide of us

Know that I am where I always will be

And it’s by your side

When It Breaks

Bitterness gets you nowhere

And you get unwanted wrinkles

When a love you had falls apart

It never is easy

When a love coveted

Is lost to uncertainty

It starts to break

But don’t be the monster

Walk away, let hurt run deep if needed

Just don’t lose yourself in hatred

Let it break for in time it will heal

And you’d be glad you didn’t break

Hey What’s Up?

I see you’ve been busy lately

Care to stop and have a cup of coffee?

Let’s sit for a while and breathe easy

Let’s take time to make time

Let’s catch up, shall we?

It’s been a while

Choo Choo Tulips

Is your morning boring?

Tired of the usual day?

Let me take your blues away

Tulips from me to you

A kiss for a smile or two

I hope it picks you up just right

And may the rest of your day be bright

Hopelessly Hopeful

Despite the odds

Despite my numbered days

I look for hope, for happiness

I accept the hurtful fact

But at the back of my mind

I continue to think of good news

I’m not trying to be naive

But where others see hopelessness

I see a shining ray of hope at the end of this colored rainbow of mine


Two different worlds meet

One bitter the other sweet

Little do they know that fate

Has brought them together as soul mate

Both learning to love

Both afraid but they know it’s what they’ve been dreaming of


Two become friends

Now it starts and will not end

The journey starts

Both not knowing they’re mending their broken hearts


My, my, my

Those two make a lovely couple


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