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He isn’t tall or well-built

We are of same height

Looking at him, I’m filled with guilt

For I keep hidden my true feelings for him


A friendship it was

One I did not expect to happen

Far more I did not expect to fall

He is the first I have fallen for

Really fallen for


I really don’t know why

But I have stopped asking myself

All I know is the butterflies they talk about in books and movies

I only experienced with him


What makes him special among the rest, you ask?

Simple really

He is the one I have fallen in love with

All of a sudden a “hi”

The next thing you know, a conversation

To say it’s over is far from over

One bends to save a friendship almost lost


I don’t care about tomorrow because

He made me smile today

So unexpectedly

If I had known I was a mere passerby

I should not have over-stayed

I believed we could be great friends

And we did for a while

A taste of our little infinity

Just like in the book


At least I got a chance

A very little peek

The one that broke my heart

And how I fell apart

The memory will always be there

As I slowly move on

I’ll wait for my time to come

And I will give to him

Whatever is left of me

Because I can never be whole again

Feel Good

Cold morning

Stay in bed

Lazy day just doing nothing

Sleep all day be a couch potato

Today I’ll take it easy

The break I so deserve

A do not disturb sign

As I cuddle myself in bed

Oh! It feels so good

Wonderful Day Indeed

Wake up to the smell of coffee

Smile from ear to ear

Delighted and wonderfully happy

To be greeted by an amazing day is something to hold dear

Warm greetings indeed

I will stay inspired

I won’t let negative things make me expired

In everything that happens, there is a purpose

And I should keep this in mind, I suppose

Heartaches, disappointments and all these

Will come and never be with ease

But no matter

I know ut can only get better

And that’s what keeps me going

Wonder Over Yonder

I wonder if you wonder and do you ever wonder

If we both are just wondering

Wanderers of this forsaken world

They think you’re weird

You think they are

But I guess we all are


In our own way

We tend to be

No use pretending

Because I see your weirdness oozing

Oh When You Rhyme!

It takes time

To perfect the rhyme

Practice helps a lot

But if talent is what you haven’t got

It will fall to waste


Keep trying

Even if you keep failing

You may one day become the best

One that stood to all the test

And rhyming will come easy

Back As Strangers

Somewhere we lost our way

We drifted apart

I wanted to save us

Our friendship at least

But you kept away

Perhaps thinking I was still expecting

Perhaps thinking your cold shoulder would lessen my love for you

No matter what you do

You will always have a place in my heart

But I am tired of trying though

To save what you don’t want to


And so I leave with a heavy heart

Because I know she’s your brand new start

I will not compete

For I was nothing more but a friend

I was once your friend

And now, I guess we go back to being nothing but strangers


Life in words

Adrian Mitchell Poetry

Painting thougths with words onto moving canvas


Making it all up as I go.

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