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It’s Happening

It’s nothing but a crush
Just an admiration
But when proximity and intimacy get the best of you
You start to fall
And it’s not always a good thing

Miles Apart

She asked me why not,
I didn’t have a real answer. So I smiled and said, “The moon and the stars seem to be close to each other, side by side as if they are but they’re truly miles apart. That’s how him and I are.”

My Kind Of Guy

He is perfect, almost perfect
He’s the one you can be proud of
The one I’ve been looking for

Where have you been all this time?
With you’re girlfriend of course…..I should have known

I held my breath and he caught my eye. He caught me in the midst of a mid day dream

I fell. Oh what can I say? I fell for the man who could never love me back

The Years

You’re tired bones crackle
Not as young as before
The years have not always been good and easy
But you look back,
With fondness
With happiness
Because the years had been fruitful
Not perfect
But the greatest there ever was

Something’s Going On

I am feeling that feeling
The one that should not be
The one that ought to be avoided

You and I both know that there is something
Something going on
Something more than friendly

But you and I also know
We could never be
Not like this

Still I long for our time
Until such that I can find my own

He spoke words
Inaudible at first
Because I didn’t pay him enough attention

But I like talking to him
Being with him
Because he has a wonderful mind

He’s poetic in many ways
He knows what to say
And when the topic is all on him
He has a way of turning things around

He wants to be mysterious
But in his mysteriousness I find his true self
In some ways, we see through each other
And I am always in awe of his wonderful mind

The Odd And The Adorable

The odd and the adorable
Stare onto the wall
They both feel a little miserable
Missing each other, I guess
Yet neither would admit or confess
So they sit in silence
Holding each others soul in a warm embrace

Blue Moon Waiting

The moon shines over yonder
And i always stop and wonder
If it ever gets lonely
Not seeing its one and only
Maybe that’s why from time to time
It grows bigger and brighter it shines

Hence the blue moon i guess
Because it wants to confess
That it is longing for its love
The one its always been dreaming of

So in the dark night awaits two loners
The moon and i,
Waiting for our hearts owners

Strings Of Emotions

She cradled her heart in her hands
Clasped it gently
Waterfalls in her eyes

They do not see the storm inside
The invisible battle

Her thoughts linger
Chaos beneath what most assume is calm
Her emotions are bipolar
Because of one boy

She longs for his love, attention and friendship
But the expanse is vast and immense
They are closely worlds apart

She finds herself at the crossroads once more
Or maybe she never left in the first place


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