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To Put A Smile

To put a smile on your face
Tell you that you’re not out of place
Hold the world for you
I know they will love you too
You can get through this
So, let put a smile on your face please

That Woman, My Mother

She gives her all never asking for anything in return
She’s tired all day but when she sees her children, she’s reborn
She goes the extra mile
Still manages to put on a smile
She is super and fun to be with
She only knows how to give
Oh that woman! She’s beyond compare
And this to the world I have to share

No Sleep

Closed eyes but mind is racing
Unable to sleep once more

Eyes Sparkle

I looked at you with sparkle in my eyes
But that was a while ago
Now my eyes sparkle
All in a different way

They use to look for the beauty that is you
The one that I knew
The one I learnes to accept
Both good and bad

Now they look at you differently
No longer longing
No longer waiting
Still loving
But all in a different way

My eyes, they sparkle still for you
But only because they know
That my heart no longer sparkles for you


I see a light
A light in you
I’ve seen you change and grow
Grow in beauty and goodness
You shine your light
To people around you
You don’t even know
You’re showing your wondrous glow


I miss our talks
Because now they’re close to never
I kept myself far away only because I was in pain

Now I accept reality
Every truth and pain I feel
Every lie and false hope you gave
Never was I the kind of person who holds a grudge

Now that I am healing
Yes, healing….not yet healed
I open my heart to other possibilities
I am fragile, frail
Because when I love I give all

But the experience of you taught me I can be strong and move on
And I can be better
I miss telling you these
Because I saw the side rarely seen or never seen by mere mortals
Because with you I was unguarded
Because I trusted you
I still do
But not with my affections

I may miss our friendship
But I know one day
I will forget to miss how I loved you

Moon My Friend

Hello moon you’re silent tonight
The skyless night makes you look at peace
I feel so lonely
Can you hold me?
Can we chat?
You don’t have to say anything

I am transfixed with your beauty
It helps calm me down
You say the most wonderful things without saying anything
You make me pour my heart out and I know you can keep a secret

Thank you moon
My friend

Give It A Try

You’ll never know until you give it a try
You’ll never know love until you get a heartbreak
You won’t know success until you fail
You’ll never be thankful until you are left with nothing

Things may seem to go the wrong way
But lessons are meant to be learned
And you’ll never know
Unless you try

Pounds Off

Never did I thought it possible
But now I come to see
I will reach my goal
I will be healthier
I will be better

I’d like to think he was not a mistake
Only a lesson learned all too well
We talk about the right one but never the wrong man

I jumped aboard thinking he would too
But he left me hanging in the blue
I was over the moon and beyond
While he was nowhere to be found

I cried for help, my heart bled
All my reasoning capacity from my mind fled
He was wrong in many ways
But I saw what others didn’t, or so I thought that day

After what seems like forever, the lesson is almost over
Pieces of my heart I have recovered
I will graduate soon and I aim it would be with flying colors


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