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Crowded place makes me nauseous

I do not wish to spend time with anyone

I’d prefer to stay at home and be alone

I am happy being by myself


Or so I pretend to be

Misery is deep within

If only someone could see right through

And save me

New As A New Day

The ghosts of the evening fade

Dawn awakens, stretches its limbs

Twilight yawns its weary, sleepy head

As the sun peeks

New day

New hope

New light

A chance to do and see things in a different way

Without A Clue

Left with no trace

Now I’m in a daze

Everything was there

Now there’s nothing

Gone in an instant

Never knowing what it was

Or what it could have been

The In Between

I fell into the void

Darkness is all I see

No other soul could be found

Or heard

I walked or floated

I could never tell

For there were no roads


My voice echoed on to forever

As the voices of my past

Of my life

Faded slowly

Until I was here and there

And in between

My Restless Soul

I wander in this world

I have not been as faithful as I should have been

I live my life not minding where my soul will go

When time is up for me


I go on and I pretend

To be the faithful one

Yet I know that deep within

I am a sinful being and have neglected my religious duty


Yet God, the kind father that he is, still showers me His blessings

He still listens to me, hear my prayers

Despite me not taking much time to spend with Him

He sends His message through

He calls out to me and makes me feel loved

The kind of love no one else can give


My soul wanders through this world

And He waits for me to come back

To come home to Him at last

For A Lifetime

My forever and ever

Or at least my for a lifetime

Is yet to be found


Who could he be?

Where could he be?

Is he the one in front of me?


Has he entered my life?

Or is yet to arrive?

Maybe he’s been hanging around

But now is not the right time yet


Is he looking for me too?

Is he waiting just like me?

Is he wondering who I could be just like I am wondering who he is?


So I look for the signs

And I wait for his arrival

The arrival of my other half

And I love him so

Just like how the song goes

Learning more about him everyday

Both taking it slow, both going out of our way

Because of changes, I don’t see him as often

But each passing day I am hopin’

We can get together, him and I

See him, having him look into my eyes

Talk about nothing

Talk about everything

Catch up with what’s what

And how life can be all that


I’m in love with our friendship

A loving and healthy relationship

And I am in love with him

I accept all that he is, even the darkest parts

I thank God for giving me the chance at this

Because my heart is no longer my own

It is wherever my friend is

Randomly Random

Randomly random

Everything and nothing

All at once

At the same time

Spinning in circles inside a random triangle

Being a kid once again

It’s Nothing

It’s nothing

It has no meaning

It’s ordinary

Nothing fancy

Nothing sweet

That’s just how it is


Keep telling yourself that

You will find out soon

That you lied to yourself

Talk To Me

Talk to me

Let me know your thoughts

Share me these dreams of yours

Hold me in the moon lit night

Tell me all


I keep the world’s secrets with yours

Just open up to me

Trust that you are extra safe

And know you will always be

Adrian Mitchell Poetry

Painting thougths with words onto moving canvas


Making it all up as I go.

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